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Rogue Creation is a futuristic Third-Person Action Roguelike, set after a devastating energy- and environmental catastrophy. Because of a failed attempt to combat the ongoing energy crisis, most world systems broke down. This event, which would become known as the Bosone-Collapse, mutated the environment irreversibly and would drastically change what a "normal" life meant to humans, who had to flee below the surface of the earth in order to survive. Mutated life forms surfaced soon after, often called "Corrupted". They are intelligent entities that attack human civilization relentlessly and took over the world, corrupting the little that remained of nature itself.

In this playable demo, players take the role of the protagonist Riz and will explore a subway-system to retrieve a medical item that their mentor desperately needs. They will have to fight the Corrupted that found their way into the underground using various abilities they will create.

Bugs are expected, and balancing is W.I.P. 

We're sure you'll enjoy the demo of Rogue Creation nonetheless.

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Rogue Creation

Install instructions

Simply download the .zip file from DropBox and extract it into the directory of your choice.
Begin playing by opening "RogueCreation.exe". Have fun!

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